Holy Communion Service Registration

While we are still continuing our online prerecorded service and worship videos throughout August and beyond, we are reopening our chapel in August for short services to serve Holy Communion to our congregation.

These short services will feature no singing, no full sermons, just a short time of devotion, prayer and the partaking of Holy Communion.

Registration & tickets are required, in order to attend these services.

Please watch the following video in order to understand how to register to get tickets.

Its the same service over the 3 dates so please sign up for 1 service only!!

Parents of youth or children attending our Zoom classes are encouraged to sign up for the 1st Aug Sat service or the 2nd Aug Sun service so as to avoid disrupting their HVMC Zoom Youth/Children Min participation.

Please visit this link to register: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/113322059330

Registration for the August Holy Communion closes on 28 July 2020.