Just Walk Across The Room


What if you knew that by simply crossing the room and saying hello to someone, you could change that person’s forever?

Just a few steps to make an eternal difference. It has nothing to do with methods and everything to do with taking a genuine interest in another human being.

All you need is a heart that’s in tune with the Holy Spirit and a willingness to venture out of your “Circle of Comfort” and into another person’s life.

Building on the solid foundation laid in Becoming a Contagious Christian, Bill Hybels shows how you can participate in the model first set by Jesus, to bring hope and redemption to broken people living in a fallen world.

Now it’s your turn. Your journey may not be as dramatic, but it can have a life-changing impact for someone standing a few steps away from you–and for you as well, as you learn the power of extending care, compassion, and inclusiveness under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t Miss this opportunity! Only 2-sessions on Fridays.

Video by Bill Hybels, Conducted by Rev Joel Yong