On 11 December 2013 my dearly beloved Mother returned to the Lord. My prayer was to serve God wherever He leads me. On 4 April 2015 I was invited to the film “Grace Card” @ HVMC. On 7 June 2015, I felt led to attend the 10.30 am service @HVMC.  The sermon that morning was “When Fellowship ceases”. It was a wakeup call to do something. God works in mysterious ways and He makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecc 3:1).

On 26 July 2015 HVMC held its first Ministry Sunday and today I enjoy serving by reading the Scriptures, floral arrangement and bible studies. In Dec 2016 I was in the team for the HVMC inaugural mission trip to Chiangmai, Thailand. Praise God for leading me to HVMC.  This is God’s season for me to serve @ HVMC and my membership was registered on 6 Nov 2016.

  • Grace Ong


God is helping me learn more about HIM. God is helping me get A+ in my exams.

  • Sofia


God is doing miraculous things in my life.

  • Anonymous


Inspired by the warmth & connection at HVMC to serve participate more actively.

  • Carol


For the past 10 years, I stopped going the church. I lived 5 mins away by walk from HVMC and didn’t know its existence. Until one day, I dropped off a passenger @ HVMC and I decided to go back to church again. Since then, I have become a member of HVMC. Praise God!!

  • Ronald Yap


Since I’ve started worshipping in HVMC, my father has strengthened over the years through my journey with God. He is my shield, my strength & my anchor. Thank you HVMC for my journey with God.

  • Anonymous


When we moved to Chip Bee Gardens, it was to make room for the birth of our first daughter, Tammi. Who knew that God had other plans too! We are so privileged to be part of the pioneering team that witnessed the birth of HVMC!

  • Vinnu


We used to be occasional visitors at HVMC since 2011 after my husband’s passing. In 2015, at Jenny’s invitation, my son, Joshua & I joined HVMC’s Church Camp, just to jazz up our lives a little. It was a welcoming & refreshing experience, during which Joshua shared about the increasing fragmentation among the youths in our own church. We decided to attend the weekly service at HVMC & prayerfully consider if this was a place for us. We have since been won over by the warmth of HVMC’s members & its slew of activities, a place where loving God &  loving others matters.

  • Carol


My employer is the one who invite me to go at HVMC. I’m happy coz have a Filipino Fellowship there and I feel good coz I find a home here in Singapore. I’ve learned more about God and his word. Before I’m shy to share about God words and I don’t know how to pray but now I slowly improve myself. Thank you for my employer I know God speaks to her so that she invites me to HVMC.

  • Baby Jean


I have not been to church for sometime due to bad economy, my husband had financial problem and I lost my job. Then I found this present job but the time and hours does not allow me to attend most churches. Then one day, my husband found HVMC and it is near my home and with my working hours, I am able to attend church worship service. I am very thankful to God for HVMC.

  • Doreen


I am Grace Hui Ni. I know this is God come giving love at my family. God also 医治我哥哥。这是很奇妙也感应了我们一家。每次圣灵都充满我心里,让我改变。 每次做错事都会有神的圣光照着。我感谢天父。

  • Grace


我是 Mickey。在这五年之前, 我就已经认识了HVMC。Auntie Mary 是我的好姐妹。在一路上的日子, 我知道神以在拣选我们一家了。但是之前的我是很硬心,很不要受这些来和我说神的话语。但是神没有放弃我。当有一天我的大儿子手突然骨断了,就在那时有一位从美国来的姐妹来医治他的手。在六月十九日, 就是他生日当天, 很突然的有片光在我前面, 把我的心结打开了。神说,我只要相信,他就把圣灵充满我。这时,我很开心又展开我的心房来接受相信神的话。在医治的那刹那就给我看到神的圣君医治大儿子的手骨。

  • Mickey


By coming here and worshipping every Sunday and attending bible study, I learned to stop and listen to the voice of God talking to me. My faith has been tested by losing my brother and my mom only a month in between but I learn to rely on God alone and lift everything to Him. I learn to accept that sometimes our prayers will be answered in the way only God wants it to be not on the way we want it to be. My faith becomes stronger and I learned to depend on our God Jesus Christ in everything I do.

  • Renalyn Monte


When I was called to serve in HVPP in June 2009, I started worshipping in HVPP which later become HVMC. This has been my precious Faith Family for these 8 years and will be into eternity, through thick and thin. Blessed Happy Birthday 5 or 10!

  • Mary Yam


I met my old schoolmate Denise when I attended BSF class at HVMC in Feb 2016. After 11 years in HK, we were looking for a new church. Denise introduced us to HVMC and it is exactly the church we were looking for! It was truly an answer to our prayers.

My elder son is in the youth group. Pastor Joel has revamped the youth ministry and we love it. Ian found new friends and has settled in well. Both my husband and I have also started serving as youth facilitators. We also experienced the love of the congregation where they interceded and prayed during my husband’s revert episode with a rare immune disorder. Praise the Lord that he has fully recovered.

  • Peggy Toh


I started attending Barker Road Methodist Church in 1970 as a student in ACS. I was comfortable in BRMC. I knew everyone, everyone knew me. I met my wife there, we were married there, my daughter Melissa was baptised there, my closest friends were there.  I was involved in the church rebuilding project and served the church in many capacities. I was practically a fixture in the church! In 2009, the Lord convicted my wife Eunice and me that we were getting too comfortable there. A preaching point had been set up at ACS International, and after prayer and counsel, we knew it was time to move.  Malachi 3 describes our Lord as a refiner’s fire, and that is exactly what I needed most at that time – maturing and refining of my faith.

A refiner’s fire refines; it purifies. It separates out the impurities and leaves the precious material intact.

God knew that my faith journey had become too comfortable, and moving to HVMC to support its establishment was His plan for me. But it is a fire, and the process of refining always involves pain, anxiety, doubt…etc.

I used to joke that as a new attendee in a small church, I served in the “Paukaliau” ministry. (“do-everything”)

Moving to HVMC turned out to be more traumatic than we envisaged, but I won’t include the details here.

Suffice to say that through HVMC, God has shown Himself all-sufficient and truly faithful. I’m not a particularly fast learner so it’s taken me a while to learn this. Learning to wholeheartedly trust Jesus has been progressive and continues to be. But the more I know Jesus, the more I discover He is faithful, the more I experience Him delivering me through trials, the more I trust Him with my life.

  • Eugel


God has used HVMC to give us a family in Singapore.

  • Anonymous


He sees, He knows, He guides my dad, Henry, was making his way to the food centre in the Commonwealth area one day when he spotted the banner at ACS (International) school displaying info on HVMC. We believe in God’s own timing, God’s personal leading -in being at the right time, at the right place- we were led to HVMC in a way that can only come from Him. Given the relocation of our previous brethren assembly where we worshipped to temporary premises some way off from where we live, we were, at the time, with a seeking heart, exploring options for a church community nearer home, particularly given dad’s health condition, as we awaited His direction and will. The genuine warmth and inviting welcome I experienced from Mun Kwok On and Angelene Tay, the 1st two members I met in my first visit to HVMC, together with a palpable, awesome presence of the Lord in this place and teaching from His Word through then Pastor Bernard, made that first experience of worship memorable. We believe this is God’s choice for us.

Inclusiveness in the way HVMC has extended its reach to members and pre-believers from all walks of life, culture, make-up from the public housing neighbourhood and beyond.

Blessed with a life group earlier led by Vinnu and Pam Vas, and now Andy and Audrey Koh, we’ve experienced the reality of discipleship-making played out in real life with all its challenges. We’ve learnt much in learning from each other as we open up from

the depths of our hearts and lives to each other- warts and all- and seeing how God works through, in and for us in different ways-both big and small- regardless of whether we are retired, working, residing here or based periodically overseas with family.

The impact of how God works is evident through the many roles each of us plays – be it spouse, parent, son /daughter, relative, colleague, client, friend- while remaining grounded in the Word (eg blessed by the rich teachings from Soo Inn in our study of Revelation) as we live out our faith through our individual life experiences. This has allowed us to recalibrate, realign our own goals and mission in life, and inspired us to love, prompted us to care and encouraged us to live in ways that honour God, and where loving God and loving others truly does matter.

  • Caroline


Adrian, our children (Sanders and Drew) and I moved over to HVMC when it was still a preaching point. Eunice and Eugel Yeo were our small group leader in BRMC and they had moved. We decided to visit and my kids enjoyed the Sunday school and Adrian like cozy family atmosphere. I wasn’t so keen initially as I had my friends in BRMC. But God’s will prevailed and being a “democratic” family, I was out voted!

John 13:34-35 comes to mind when I reflect on how HVMC has impacted my faith and spiritual journey. With Adrian’s recent diagnosis of leukaemia, the love, support, care and prayers of the HVMC family have touched Adrian and me profoundly. And not just from our own life group, but those whom we may not know as well in HVMC.  Just to name a few: Volunteering to drive my kids to and from school; helping with grocery and weekly marketing; making and sending soups; cooking; fetching Adrian’s sister at 5 am to the hospital for the bone marrow harvesting; sending daily prayers of encouragement; crying with us in and through prayers; faithfully covering Adrian treatment in prayer; standing in the gap for Adrian and me concerning our kids; looking after Adrian’s Sister and sending her to the airport; just sitting with me in loving silence… the list of loving acts goes on to fill a book! In our darkest time we encountered the love and care of Jesus through our HVMC family.

As Jesus said love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

  • Channie Saurajen


Our family returned to Singapore in 2015 after 6 years overseas and looked for a spiritual home. After visiting a few churches, HVMC’s warmth, welcome, God-centeredness and closeness drew us and we quickly made it our church. HVMC has provided opportunities for my family and I to continue to serve the Lord and share the blessings that He has bestowed us so generously. And it’s this, as well as the inspiration that I draw from the dedication of its leaders, pastors & church workers & congregation that has continued to strengthen my walk with the Lord. It is in HVMC that I shared my testimony publicity and that was a humbling but fulfilling experience.

  • Chew Ping


Blessed with the opportunity to serve. God enabled empowered & directed. He helped me fulfil my promise to Him – TO SERVE.

  • Tang Yin


When we first stepped foot in HVMC (then known as HVPP) way back in 2007, we did not expect we would be spending a decade here. Our children have only known this Methodist church & we have moved from pew-warmers to committed serving Christians. PRAISE BE TO GOD!

  • Pam Vas


I have asked God for wisdom to guide me and bless others in my area of influence. God used HVMC for that in service, equipping and others.

  • Jhun


Over the 10 span in HVMC, I’ve seen my 2 granddaughters born, baptized and grown in the Lord. What a wonderful blessing.

  • Helen & Danny Lum


We came to HVMC to answer God’s call to move from our comfort zone in BRMC and we have been blessed with new friendships, depth of the Word and fellowship in service.

  • Eunice Yeo


HVMC has given me opportunities to serve and warm fellowship.

  • Anonymous


I meet God personally and experience His unending & unconditional love for me and receive a lot of blessings from God Jesus.

  • Renee


I want to thank you Lord for changing my lifestyle. You teach me how to accept my faults, how to forgive and how to love my enemy. Thank you Lord for every single thing that you always guide me. Thank you Lord. I Love You.

  • Anonymous


I truly believe that it was God’s arrangement to bring both Hannah and me to the Holland Village Methodist Church!

Last year, when I decided to work in Singapore starting 2017, one thing worried me a lot was the schooling for Hannah.  I signed her up for the AEIS test, hoping that she could get a local school place.  She took the test in July/Aug but the result was only released around the Christmas time while the normal school term was scheduled to start on 2 Jan, 2017.   Everything was uncertain to me.

With God’s blessing, I received a church magazine when I finished my Sunday service in one of the Methodist churches in Singapore.  From it, I found out that ACS International School was open for admission.  I was very excited at that time as I have been hearing very good comments about ACS.  Without further delay, I wrote to the school for a place.  After the admission test, Hannah was given the school place in 2 weeks time.

However, I still wanted to take the chance for Hannah to get a place at a good local school, I waited and waited till the AEIS result was released and the result was negative.  To me, it was not a surprise as I understand that only 15 students out of 100 will be given a government school place.  God knows it very well and finally arranged the ACS International School for her. Thank God, Hannah has settled in very well in the school.  Because of her study in this school, I also chose the HV Methodist Church as my church in Singapore.  God has made the choice for us to go to this church, which is proved to be wonderful.  We love the people and its culture. This is the best church that I have ever attended in my life.

Going forward, I pray to God that HE will let Hannah finish her secondary school in Singapore (at least for 6 years) before she plans for her university study in Singapore or other parts of the world. I always believe that God has a plan for me and my family, and I just need to follow it.

Special thanks to Kwok On and Chin Fong for taking good care of us while we are in Singapore.  It was much appreciated.

Hannah and I love the church and will treat it as our second home in Singapore! God bless!

  • Rita Tsui


Having been in BRMC since 1970s and involved in various ministries and leadership roles, I was very settled in and emotionally attached to BRMC where I was baptized the early 70s, married and raised 3 children in the BRMC community.  

I remembered in 2006, BRMC was requested to consider setting up a Preaching Point at ACS International by the ACS Board of Management. After the idea of setting up a PP in HV was planted, I sensed the call to move out of the very established church environment, in faith, to trust God in doing something new in the Holland Village location. 10 years have gone by and HVMC is celebrating her 5th Anniversary in 2017!

 It has been a faith building journey to rely on God – whom will He sent to serve and worship at the PP?   A few of us, assigned LMS like Philip Poh, Choon Ho, Chris and I  started by praying with the than School Principal, Rev John Barrett. In early 2007, we were ready to launch the Inaugural Service and kicked off the PP with 20 odd core worshippers from BRMC. Over the years we took incremental steps of faith to develop the worship service, outreach ministries and   trusted in His provision of more worshipers, leaders and staff resources to lay the groundwork to form a local church after 5 years as a Preaching Point.

God convicts many to start worshipping with us. They came from different churches and the neighborhoods. As they settle in a welcoming community, many exercise their giftings for the first time as worship leader, communion steward, SOPL, musicians, ushers, tellers and committee members and leaders.  They avail themselves to be used by God as they deepen their understanding to be a disciple of Christ, serve in humility and be committed to Jesus as their Lord.

In 2 Chronicles 16:9, I am reminded once again “the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”. As we celebrate our 5th Anniversary, it is timely for me to remember this verse and renew my commitment to build HVMC for His Glory and prepare for Christ’s return once again.

  • Mun Kwok On


I started attending church at HVMC just before Easter 2016. I had been away from church for sometime but I felt a calling to come home. Indeed I have, Thanks be to God.

Through the church, I have heard God’s call on many things in my life. As I seek to walk closer according to God’s will, I can feel God reaching into every crevice of my being, every aspect of my life and what He wants from me. I ask for God’s guidance. I may surrender myself in all things to Him; trusting in God to make my path straight. Thanks to God.

  • Daniel Chua


Our family started worshipping of HVMC in Dec 2013 and officially became members of the church in Easter of 2017. Being in community of spirit-filled believers, I have forged many precious friendship with others brothers and sisters in Christ. Praying together journeying through the ups and downs of life with our life group has leaded me into a deeper relationship with God and His family.

  • Andrea Chou


I was worshipping in HVMC since the Filipino Ministry started. For me, it was a life challenging experience. Being a Christian, I may sometimes face criticism or insulted by other people who has a different belief. But reading the Bible it helps me overcome it. In John 13: 34-35, Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you. So you must love one another. By this, all men will know that you are my disciples”. Amen

  • Anonymous


I was called to HVMC by the Holy Spirit on 31 December 2016. I had been searching for a place to worship for years and waiting on the Lord for His direction. Finally, His will revealed! I have found a new home because of His goodness. HVMC has given me a church community to be a part of. Here, I feel a sense of belonging and welcome and I seek to share the warmth I have experienced with others. What an opportunity to disciple and serve a community of believers.

  • Jared Koh


My boss brought me here in 2013. I accept Jesus in 2014. To know Him are the beautiful things happen to my life. I’m active to join any activities in HVMC Filipino Ministry. I am serving God as an usher in church. And now, I learn guitar lesson and Drama lesson. My way to praise and thanks God for what He done to me. I am so happy to be here. I pray that God use me in His will, to help to know Jesus.

  • Johanna Cario


I started attending HVMC in 2016 as my husband and I were looking for a church near our house. We have attended several churches and the Lord spoke to us that HVMC is where we should worship. Every week, I feel that the Lord speak to me through the sermon. Whatever questions I have, guidance and comfort I need, I find the answers at church. I am empowered spiritually and renewed to do God’s work again.

  • Sharon


Praise God for HVMC – a church that has God at its heart and which seeks His purpose and plan in all that it does. Paul & I have grown spiritually and have witnessed the Hand of God here.

  • Anonymous


I am very thankful to God of what He has done to my life. I am not be able to see and value life but because of Him, I learnt to value my life even on how much and deep was my sin. I’ve learnt to value people whom sinned me and hurt me. And because of that, I felt very happy, no burden, no guilt and most of all, I’ve learnt to love and respect them (people). God transformed me. I am not of what I am today, living the life of knowing Him everyday of my life. And I am very honored that I am the child of God.

  • Bangz


We have been worshipping at HVMC for 2.5years. God has given us this wonderful HVMC family. We serve joyfully as the church has blessed each of us so much spiritually. I pray for HVMC to continue growing and for each of us to grow deeper and be more Christ-like. Congrats HVMC on your 5th Anniversary!

  • Eunice Phua


I am from the Filipino Ministry. I first attended the service here at HVMC on the 15 March 2015. There is joy in my heart because here at HVMC, I am given an opportunity to serve the Lord and His people. I am here because I wanted to know Him more, to learn to pray with my heart and with the word of God to strengthen my relationship with Him. I am happier than ever before. By God’s grace & His mercy, my family and I are safe everyday. “God is with me and for me right now.”

  • Anonymous