Our History

In late 2004, upon the recommendation of TRAC President, Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup, the Chairman of the Anglo-Chinese School Board of Management, Mr Tan Wah Thong, invited Barker Road Methodist Church to consider setting up a Preaching Point at ACS (International) and provide Christian ministry to the school.

The BRMC Local Church Executive Committee on 8th November 2004 was advised of the invitation and began to prayerfully consider the invitation. The BRMC LCEC on 12 January 2005 appointed a Task Force to study the proposal.

Following the report of the Task Force on 7 February 2005, which recommended the formation of the Preaching Point, and also recommended for the Preaching Point to form a Local Conference within five years, the LCEC approved the setting up of a Preaching Point at ACS (International).

On 2 July 2005, a memorandum of understanding entitled “Partnership Between Anglo-Chinese School (International) & Barker Road Methodist Church” was signed between ACS (International) and BRMC to provide Christian ministry to the school and establish the new Preaching Point.

The new Preaching Point started in July 2007 and was known as Holland Village Preaching Point. The first service was held on Sunday 8 July 2007. From its inception, a Working Committee was formed to support and lead the work of the Preaching Point together with the pastors assigned to the Preaching Point. That committee chaired by Mr Mun Kwok On.

After more than four years of existence and steady growth, the leaders of the Preaching Point together with its pastors then, Rev Wee CS David and Rev Bernard Chao, prayerfully discerned that the congregation was ready, and it was time for the preaching point to be formed as a local church. The BRMC LCEC gave its consent on 7 May 2012 and the TRAC Executive Board gave its approval on 10 May 2012.

Holland Village Methodist Church was thus birthed and properly constituted on Sunday 8 July 2012, exactly five years from the time of the first service of the preaching point.

Come Worship With Us! Every Sunday at 10:30am.