Our Logo

The HVMC Logo is a picture composed of mosaic pieces. These mosaic pieces represent what composes the faith community at Holland Village Methodist Church. We believe that the central focus of the church is our Lord Jesus, and therefore the cross takes center stage.

The colour blue represents our water baptism whereby we are a forgiven people, and the living water Jesus offers to the world. The colour red represents both the blood of Christ by which we have become a people of God, and our baptism of fire in the Holy Spirit who empowers us in our life and witness.

The uneven, odd and different pieces of mosaic reminds us that the church, the body of Christ, is made up of, and embraces, persons of all races, languages, nationalities, and personalities. The way they fit together reflects God’s design for the church, where every person counts because we bring our different spiritual gifts, and efforts, to present Christ more fully by our life and service, expressed through our love for God, love for one another in this community of faith, and love for others beyond.

This background of blue signifies our historical and spiritual link with Anglo-Chinese School (International), the context in which our congregation was birthed, and the context in and through which we express the ministry of our church.

The four blue quandrants represent our mission focus outside our congregation – our family, friends, colleagues and those in our sphere of influence; the students, teachers and parents of Anglo-Chinese School (International); the community living and working around us in the private estate, HDB estate and Holland Village businesses; and the nations beyond.

The overall picture resembles a crossroad – which is symbolic of the physical village we find ourselves located, but also represents our hope to be a community that leads others into the most important crossroad of their life – to meet the living Christ, and decide to follow Him.

Come Worship With Us! Every Sunday at 10:30am.